Amber teething necklaces
Amber teething necklace & amber teething anklet bracelet is a traditional baby teething remedy. A natural analgesic, amber used for centuries in Europe. Wearing Baltic amber close to the skin will help calm a baby without resorting to drugs. Natural anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties of baltic amber are perfect to soothe teething babies.

Catalogue of amber teething necklaces & bracelets

We offer and unusual selection of baby teething necklaces & amber teething anklet bracelets specially created for babies. These handmade amber necklaces made from 100% natural genuine authentic Baltic amber. You can find different shades of baby amber beads in both traditional and contemporary designs. Amber baby teething necklaces & amber teething anklet bracelets are available in various colors: butterscotch, yellow, honey,yellow-white, orange, green, brown, dark cherry, bluish, honey, golden, greenish, lemon, cherry, light cognac,cognac, dark cognac, blackwhite (also known as Royal amber) and others. The rarest colors of natural Baltic amber are blue, green and white. The shape of baby healing amber teething necklaces may be: round, olive, faceted beads, chips, sphere, cube, teardrop, faceted round, flat shapes, tube, spangle, cubic, baroque, tablet shaped, square, rounded, nugget, hearts, oval, boxescorn and others.

Very soon we will add at least 10 new designs for baby teething necklaces. At the moment we have several styles to choose from. To see our offer please visit amber teething necklaces page.

Amber teething necklace is a perfect baby gift

Shopping for that perfect baby gift can be a very time intensive and often frustrating. Having a difficult time finding the perfect baby gift because you’re not sure if you are shopping for a baby boy or baby girl? You can end your worries when you choose our beautiful baby necklaces. Here are the reasons why:

  • Amber teething necklaces & amber teething anklet bracelets are made of 100% authentic natural Baltic amber.
  • Amber teething necklaces are used for centuries in Europe as teething remedy.
  • Amber teething necklaces & amber teething anklet bracelets not only look beautiful, but they really work!
  • Natural amber is famous for it's wonderful and unique healing properties.

Why does teething hurt?

Your baby's teeth started developing in the uterus, when teeth buds were formed in her gums. As her teeth develop, they push through her gums, a process which can cause irritation, pain and swelling.
While pressure seems to relieve the pain, sucking causes more blood to rush to the swollen areas, making them particularly sensitive. This is why some babies may temporarily reject the link breast or bottle when they are teething.

How long will teething last?

Just as there is no set date at which your baby's first tooth will arrive, so the time it takes to make its journey through that little gum is different for every child. Some will be troubled for just a few days before a tooth emerges, while other babies will display all the symptoms of teething for months with nothing to show for it at all.

The good news is that, for most babies, the first few teeth are the worst. Problems associated with teething tend to subside, certainly until the molars, the large teeth at the back of the mouth, start to come through and that is unlikely to happen until after your baby's first birthday, giving you and your baby time to recover from this difficult and, for some, stressful stage.

Use and Care of Amber Teething Necklaces

The necklaces & bracelets can be worn from birth onwards to help sooth your baby. As amber is a resin, it is much softer than a stone; therefore it should not be chewed on, only worn. Amber teething necklaces should be worn under your baby's shirt and under parental supervision. They should be removed while baby sleeps, replaced by their nighttime anklet or wrapped around the baby's ankle under their sleeper. The necklaces are designed to stretch but will break under pressure. Each piece of amber is knotted on the strand so only one bead will come lose if a break occurs. The individual beads are tiny, so the risk of choking is quite insignificant, but you are ultimately responsible for the safety of your child while wearing an amber necklace. Clean with lukewarm water and a soft cloth. Avoid detergents and cleansers, as these substances over time will leave a residue on the amber that can inhibit its ability to release the healing oils into the skin. To preserve the life of the necklace, it should also be removed while in water. The necklace should be worn as much as possible for best results.

Worldwide delivery - International customers are welcome!

We ship amber teething necklaces from Europe mainly to USA, Canada, United Kingdom (UK), Australia, New Zealand. However necklaces can be shipped to any country in the world. Please learn delivery fees and time here.
We have buyers of baby necklaces from 45 countries. Our baby teething products are popular in USA, Canada, United Kingdom UK, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Japan, Check Republic, Finland, France, Estonia, Germany, Russia, Netherlands, Belgium, Slovenia, Israel, Slovakia, Switzerland, Austria, Taiwan, Spain, Iceland, New Zealand, Ukraine, Belarus, Greece, Italy, China, Lithuania, Latvia, Greece, Singapore, Argentina, Croatia and other.


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